Restaurant Review: BVSD Food Truck


Miguel Brache

Students during second lunch wait at the BVSD Food Truck on September 26, 2014 to get their food.

Location: Mobile

Services: Take Out

Cost: $2-$5

Hours: 1st and 2nd Lunch Mondays

Ratings: Food: 3/5    Experience: 5/5   Service: 4/5    Convenience: 5/5

The BVSD Food Truck does a great job of providing a cheap alternative to school food in a very convenient way. Excluding the long line, the BVSD Food Truck is essentially perfect for Monday lunch.

When at the food truck, there is one line and one window. The ordering process is simple: go up to the window, order, pay using a lunch code or cash, wait about 30 seconds, and get your food.

There is a table with condiments off to the side including jalapenos, ketchup, hot sauce, and other common toppings. This condiment table is the only reason I gave the service a 4/5 opposed to a 5/5, it had no area to put the food on the actual table. While this may seem like a very minor detail that shouldn’t be a big deal, it has lead me to completely ignoring the condiment table altogether, the hassle isn’t worth the average condiments.

Food at the BVSD Food Truck is arguably the best $2 food money can buy. The first time I ate at the Truck I got the pork sliders with a side of coleslaw, along with an apple that is also included with each meal. The sliders are made up of average pulled pork in between somewhat stale wheat buns, however they taste heavenly to someone who has second lunch and is starving everyday at 12:30. The coleslaw was better than what I expected, it made for a great compliment for the sliders.

I rated the food a 3/5 for one reason and one reason only: the apples. Each time I visited the food truck the apples were bruised, sour, and dry. Again, this may seem very insignificant, but sour apples suck. Why would anyone want a sour apple? I haven’t a clue. This sourness has lead me to either giving or throwing away the apples each time I eat at the food truck.

Convenience is what made my experience at the food truck. The easiness of just going outside Monarch’s front doors for a few minutes is extremely fast and pleasant. Excluding the location, the convenience is only a 4/5, the long line makes for about a seven minute wait and the service time is average for a food truck.

My experience with the Food Truck was all around pretty good, so I will make sure to visit it again every Monday.