Foals Return With Their Fourth Album

Two years after the successful 2013 album Holy Fire, Foals return with What Went Down


℗ 2015 Warner Music UK Ltd.

Unlike the Holy Fire‘s “Inhaler”, this new album starts of very sure of its footing with the namesake, “What Went Down”. The opening launches into a head banging chorus as Yannis Philippakis shouts out “When I see a man, I see a lion”. The album lends itself nicely to a enthusiastic live performance, which by Foals standards, is really quite normal. While there are the lulls in the album such as the atmospheric (and begging for a remix) “London Thunder”, the song is most at home with fists in the air and blood on the drummers palms. “Mountain at My Gates” is nearly destined to be the crowd pleaser, as the song is rooted in a hopeful, driven anthem. One could imagine the flashing lights that pan over the crowd and then flash away to the beat. “Birch Tree” has a funky 80’s vibe that is distinctly different from the previous track and continues into “Albatross”.

On the whole, What Went Down, has the potential to be the most accessible album they have ever put out. However, there’s something missing from all of this. Yes, there is no denying that this is something that’s fun, but the distinct unpredictability that Foals are known for seems to be missing. It’s present alright, but only in glimpses. What is does have, are tracks suited for the likes of Glastonbury, some for the nearest H&M store, and even for the snobbish “purists”. It’s a complex combination of practically everything Foals have ever done and it nicely suits whatever scenario it’s put in.


Track List (Notable Tracks)

  1. What Went Down
  2. Mountain at My Gates
  3. Birch Tree
  4. Give it All
  5. Albatross
  6. Snake Oil
  7. Night Swimmer
  8. London Thunder
  9. Lonely Hunter
  10. A Knife in the Ocean