Pentatonix Pushes Musical Boundaries

With new original hits, the a capella stars raise their game


RCA Records

In the world of trendy music today, turning on the radio to a pop station means listening to some type of distorted, auto tuned song that has been edited over so many times it’s difficult to hear the singer. These types of songs may be familiar, but what has really been on the rise in the music industry is the a cappella based band Pentatonix. With the past year being a significant win for the platinum-selling, Grammy-winning band, one can only hope this popularity progresses for the group. Pentatonix’s fresh self-titled album just released a few days ago, which is a noteworthy step for the band because it includes all but one original arrangement. Consistently, the group has only issued cover albums with, at most, one or two official songs. This album is a change in that streak. Some people get a bit timid when they listen to unknown pieces from their favorite artists, but these handmade tunes by Pentatonix are just as commanding and deep with energy as their covers, which is what got them famous in the first place. If one decides to go big or go home, the Pentatonix deluxe edition contains three extra covers of currently favored songs. These beats include the summer hit “Cheerleader” by OMI, “Lean On” by Major Lazer & DJ Snake, and “Where Are Ü Now” by Jack Ü ft. Justin Bieber. As usual, Pentatonix makes the originals sound flimsy and impuissant compared to their flawless twists of the covers.

The songs indexed in the album Pentatonix are stunning, and it’s very hard to believe they are only produced with the mouths of the five members, and the occasional clap or snap. The band touches on various genres of tunes ranging from techno-sounding, to delicate and easy, and to the commonly anticipated Pentatonix sound. The advanced, and definitely popular single that was out prior to the release of the album, “Can’t Sleep Love”, carries a beginning doo wop approach and it’s surprisingly catchy. Harmonious compositions like “Take Me Home” and “Light In the Hallway” highlight the way Pentatonix has control over certain arrangements. The band added an extra singer to one of the songs: “If I Ever Fall In Love” ft. Jason Derulo. Since meeting Derulo during the taping of Dick Clark’s Rockin Eve in 2014, the band had been talking to him about doing a collaboration. This partnership was a success in their new song because Derulo adds an advanced feel to the composition. But, don’t worry, that original Pentatonix sound is still incorporated in almost all of the songs just as though they were the covers. The rest of the songs on the album are just as commendable and deserve to be played on repeat forever and ever – Trust me, it’s worth it.

Throughout the entire album, Pentatonix definitely pushes the boundaries of a capella. This arrangement of songs is the type that is stationed on repeat for several hours at a time. The fact that all the songs are performed in a capella makes the album all that more impressive. Pentatonix, as a band, is on the rise to do extravagant things with their future in the business of music, and they are absolutely on that rise with Pentatonix the album.