Sexualities Abound in the LGBTQ

Explaining various sexualities


Wikimedia Commons

This is the flag to represents pan-sexual pride.

Almost everyone is attracted to one type of person or another. But that is by no means limited to boys and girls, and girls and boys. There is so much more to sexuality than that. Yes, it’s true, the sexualities are as varied as the fish in the sea. But not everyone is familiar with the sexualities that go beyond simply heterosexual and homosexual.

Skoliosexuals for example are people that are atracted to people that do not identify as cisgender. Confused? That’s okay. Cisgender people make up most of the population and their genders match what there were born as at birth, male or female. Thus, skoliosexuals do not feel any attraction to traditionally male or female people.

If a person generally doesn’t experience sexual attraction towards any kind of gender they are asexual. The other side of this gender, is aromanticism. An aromantic person does not experience any romantic attraction.

A person who experiences any kind of attraction towards members of all gender identities is pansexual. The joke is that Pansexuals are into pans, but really “pan”, a word element with its origins in Greek, means “all.”

It’s important to recognize and at least understand the wide variety of sexualities on a basic level because jokes breakdown the degree of acceptance toward the LGBTQ. Jokes about sexualities are generally inappropriate as these sexual identities are known by so few people and are often misunderstood to begin with. Love is a free thing so please let everyone love who they want to love.