Preparing for the Fallout

One of the most anticipated games of 2015

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From around early 2012, Bethesda studios has been developing Fallout 4, the highly anticipated game coming out on November 10th this year. Since a few months after the release of Elder Scrolls IV Skyrim, Bethesda has been working on what has quickly became one of the most highly anticipated games of 2015.

With the anticipation for the game growing, so are doubts about the game becoming a large success. Scott Tailford expressed his doubt in an article he wrote on saying it was “More like Fallout 3.5”,With saying that Bethesda was essentially trying to focus on perfecting past problems with their previous Fallout game, Fallout 3, rather than make it it’s own game. A new feature that is being added to Fallout 4 is ‘base building’ basically making a town to use for trade and to store gear. However, some believe that takes away from the adventure  aspect of the game. Instead of exploring the wasteland, fighting bandits, looting buildings, scavenging for weapons and ammunition, which has been the traditional Fallout formula, leading some to believe that.  With the newest installment of the Fallout series, may be more based around staying in one area and build up trade and hire guards for your base, and manage businesses around  your colony.

Many people still have a very optimistic view on the game releasing. When it was first announced “[The game was] pretty close to being done” developer Pete Hines said in an interview with PC Gamer’s Andy Chalk. Bethesda has also been known to be scouting around Cambridge-University Boston, as well as other sites around the city. These visits from Bethesda suggested that the game would take place in Boston and these rumors proved right. With the trailers released by Bethesda, the game shows promise for a multi-paced open world game. Many gamers are excited to run, gun, and build in their new post-apocalyptic world this November 10th.