ALBUM REVIEW: Made in the A.M.

One Direction’s new album with only four members is still a hit


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One Direction fifth album, Made In the A.M., was released on unlucky Friday, November 13th, but there was nothing unlucky about this album. The audience of waiting fans, including myself, were overjoyed with the diversity and quality in this album. The first album after the departure of Zayn Malik; Harry, Liam, Louis, and Niall made it quite clear that he was not needed, with their album skyrocketing on the charts. This album is a combination of all different types of music, ranging from slow ballads to rock-inspired pop songs. Pulling from musical influences all over the board, the (now) four boys really hit the nail on the head with this album. The diversity of all of the songs brings in a wide range of listeners, who might listen to one preview and then stay for the rest. My reviews of the songs do not give them the credit they so dearly deserve, so make sure to listen, stream, buy, and love Made in the A.M.  

I broke the songs into four different categories for a more viewer-friendly read. If you are only interested in one type of song, though they are all insanely good, take a peek at that section. But truly, I can’t it stress enough, you need to listen to this album for yourself.

The Well-Known

Drag Me Down

-The first song released from the album as a single, Drag Me Down was a taster of what was to come in this album. Diverting from the boy-bandy roots, Drag Me Down has some rock influences to it and is a sing-out- loud hit. Harry’s high note is a talking point about the song in itself. The only music video to ever be shot at NASA headquarters in Texas, the Drag Me Down music video is also one for the books.


-The second song released from the album, Perfect was a stark contrast to previously released Drag me Down.It is a slower, romantic that builds to a climax with drums flaring. It is a good mix of up-tempo and slower ballad pulled together with a strong beat. The Perfect music video is one of simplicity, showing the boys in a hotel mainly just singing,


-One of the first true slow songs of the album to be released, Infinity has a nice build up to a powerhouse vocal chorus. The vocals on this album are simply indescribable, and the ease of the boys’ voices in songs like Infinity is just one example of this.

The Ballads

If I Could Fly

-This song is so beautiful and the vocals are so great, you both cry every time you listen and could use this as your wedding song. Enough said.


-This is the song the album is named after, and, rightfully so, as it is one of the best on the album too. A.M. is one of the more stripped-down songs, with Guitar as the main instrument and not much else. The simplicity of the song really allows the boys’ powerful vocals to shine through.

I Want to Write You a Song

Love you Goodbye

-Love you Goodbye is unlike most of the other songs, in that it is a coldplay-esque song lead by violins, guitar and piano. A slower, break-up ballad, this is yet another song to showcase some powerful vocals through in the absence of a very heavy bass. The beginning starts out with violins and a quieter, slow atmosphere and transforms into a more dynamic and upbeat ballad towards the end, yet keeping the same overall vibe.

Long Way Down

The Jams


-FAVORITE SONG ON THE ALBUM. History is so upbeat and happy. I love the guitar tones in the song and the vocals in general. It’s just such a clap and sing along song that you belt out at the concert until you lose your voice. Plus them singing “this is not the end,” is reassuring for their upcoming break.

Temporary Fix

-Basically this albums No Control, Temporary Fix is the fast paced, drum heavy song that you go hard to whenever and wherever it comes on. Crazy fun, crazy upbeat, and crazy good is how I would sum it up.

End of the Day


Never Enough

-The explosive, dance all night song of this album. Highlighted by grunts, c’mons, and heavy drums, Never Enough hit the nail on the head with the dance tune. You just need to give it a listen to understand what I’m saying.

The Blends (don’t really fit in one of these categories)

Hey Angel


-Olivia is guitar prominent & Beatles-esque. A jazzy tune that doesn’t need too much description except that girls around the world want to change their names to Olivia.

Walking in the Wind

What a feeling

-Louis cowrote on this song, and said it was fleetwood-mac like and I think I would have to agree. It is a jazzy drum mix with slower lyrics and time yet an uptempo beat. Another example of diversity on this album.