The 5 Best Things About Basketball

As told by one of Monarch’s varsity players


  • Floor burns: Need I say more? Floor burns are obviously the best part of basketball. It could be a blister on your hand from sliding on the floor, or even a small burn on your knee.
  • Charges: Hands down the least painful thing in the game. A girl coming full force at you, you collide, and hit the floor. Those bruises on the spine are becoming a regular thing.
  • Sprained Ankles: When you accidentally step or jump on someone’s foot and you roll your ankle, and your foot ends up being swollen for a month. Classic!
  • Running Suicides: Free throw line, halfcourt, opposite free throw line, baseline and back! Ready, Go!
  • Flopping: Example: Lebron James. When you play perfect defense and the offensive player flops, and you get a foul. Nothing can make you more happier!