How to Plan a Prom

Behind the scenes of Monarch’s prom

Spring is the season of Prom. Seniors and juniors start planning out their night, which friends they’re going to go with, where they’ll take their pictures, what they’re going to eat, where they’re going to eat and so much more. Planning to go to Prom is difficult enough, imagine if you actually had to plan Prom.

“[The hardest part of planning Prom is] Not knowing the exact budget. Since we make most of our eventual Prom money off ticket sales, it makes it hard to get an exact budget because we don’t know exactly how many tickets will be bought,” said treasurer Michael Fruge, who’s part of Senior Senate. Senior Senate is a group of seniors who come together and plan how they want Prom to be. Senior Senate is a two year term, the first term being Junior Senate, and most of the Senior Senate participants were also part of Junior Senate, so the students have been planning Prom for about a year.

It may not be noticeable, but there are specific details about Prom that makes it what it is. “There’s a lot of little things we’re doing,” said Senior Senate secretary Alison Battreal. “Probably all the little details and decorations, like Aspen and I have been working on just finding centrepieces and how much those cost, how much actually go into making them and where we get the materials. There are little things you probably wouldn’t notice, but I think it’s the little things that are going to look really good.” The decorations help give off the true feeling of Prom. Instead of the decorations all being handmade like all the other school dances, some are bought from professionals.

Senior Senate does a lot of prepping to make Prom night as amazing as it can be. Members have been working hard since junior year to get all of the necessary planning taken care of.

“First off we had to start fundraising last year. We sold concessions at Football games and did a lot of restaurant nights,” Senior Senate member Morgan Gray said. “Then this year we’ve been able to pick our prom theme and making our decorations. We’ve also contacted a DJ and a photographer and we’ve just started making posters to announce the theme to the school. So there’s a lot to do.”

Monarch’s Senior Senate always brings new ideas to the table to give prom some special touches. “I think the best type of people to work with on this kind of project are people who are creative and have open minds and are willing to have new ideas.” Gray said. Although planning to go to prom can be complicated and overwhelming at times, Prom will be a blast whether you go with your friends or with a date and the meticulous planning is worth it in the end.