Letter to an Incoming Junior



(Los Angeles Times/TNS)

Peyton Carter, Guest Contributor

You may have heard people say, “Junior year is the hardest year of high school”. Well, I believe that may be true, but it’s still manageable. Junior year is a year where there are a lot of standardized tests: some AP tests, the ACT, the SAT, and CMAS.

If you are taking AP classes, my advice to you is to pay attention in class and make sure you are prepared for the test. Most teachers prepare you for the test anyways so you don’t have to stress too much about it. For the ACT, make sure you are again, prepared for it…It’s an important test. The ACT is not necessarily a test that you can go into without knowing the material. Take practice tests beforehand. And don’t do all of this the weekend before. Start studying at least two months in advance. I found that having a tutor really helped, because he helped me find a pace that I should be doing each question in order to finish in time. If you are prepared for the ACT and you know what to expect, it’s not as bad as it seems. Same goes for the SAT, they are very similar to each other. With that said, after you take those tests and get a score that you like, it is a very relieving feeling. So don’t wait until the last minute to study it, because then you will be retaking the test throughout your whole senior year… Which won’t be fun.

The ACT and SAT are the most important tests that take place in junior year, while also having to deal with 7 other classes in school. Junior year classes aren’t ones that you can mess around in, you have to study because this is an important year for colleges to look at. Don’t get stressed out, just study hard and you will be rewarded. It’s not as bad as it seems, junior year is just like sophomore year that’s a bit tougher.

Don’t stress, have fun-but work hard, and you will have a successful Junior year!