Red Cross Club Hard at Work

A New Club Helping the Community


(Left to right) Mackenzie Ladouceur (12), Ivy Vien (12), Andrew Nong (12), and Ian Lee (12) talk to the students interested in joining the the Red Cross Club about what the club plans to do during the year, one of them being the Home Fire Campaign. “The Home Fire Campaign was really cool because we got really involved with the people. You go down there and talk with the people,” said Vien.

Red Cross’ goal is to help the community become a better place for everybody in it. Monarch’s Red Cross Club had its first official meeting of the school year Wednesday, September 14. It is a fairly new club having formed just two years ago, and is now starting its third year led by President Ian Lee.

Lee decided to start Red Cross Club because of the Boulder flood. He wanted to be able to help the victims. He had looked around online and found an article about Red Cross volunteers being on site and helping the victims, so Lee decided to look on the Red Cross website and he found the resources to start the club. Lee then decided to talk to people who he knew would enjoy the work and asked Jennifer Farrell to be the teacher sponsor.

“[I did help start it] because Ian, our President had the idea to and as a friend I was like, ‘Alright, I’ll support you.’ It became a group and eventually, here we are now,” said Treasurer Andrew Nong.

One of the activities the members participate in is a Home Fire Campaign. They go around the community and help make sure the people’s fire alarms are installed correctly; if not then they would install or replace it themselves to make sure it’s works properly. They also help educate the residents about fire safety to help better take care of themselves.

“My favorite project was the Home Fire Campaign. We got to install the at-home fire alarms in people’s houses. It’s trailer homes, so if one caught on fire the whole lot does, so it was really cool to be able to protect them,” said Vice President Mackenzie Ladouceur.

Even though Red Cross is about giving back to the community and volunteering, it doesn’t mean members can’t make some fun memories along the way.

“There was this one woman who didn’t want us to screw the fire detector into her ceiling, she was paranoid it was gonna create leaks in her roof. We’re like ‘I’m sorry. Where should we put it?’ And she says, ‘Just set it on the table right over there.’ So we go, ‘Okay…’” said Secretary Ivy Vien.

Memories such as these are one of the main reasons Red Cross Club is an enjoyable club. Not only do they help they ones in need, they have fun doing it and create memories that will last a lifetime.