Student of the Week: Sean Pike

Sean- Bump it, Hit it, (S)Pike it.


Many boys are caught up in football and baseball, but not senior, Sean Pike. He spends his time competing in club volleyball as well as helping with Monarch’s girl’s volleyball team. He brings his personality as well as his height to the game.

Sean’s sister inspired him to play volleyball and is a huge part of Sean’s life.

“My sister pretty much started it for me, I never looked back,” Sean said.

Volleyball has been a part of Sean’s life since he was very young. He currently plays libero, which is a position that holds great responsibility when passing the ball. Liberos usually stand in the back row for the whole game, and wear a different color jersey than the other teammates.  

The team must all work together, and communicate properly to be successful.

“It’s one giant family and when you start playing you feel like you can do anything.” Sean said.

When Sean isn’t scoring or saving points for his team, he can be found playing head cello in the Monarch Orchestra. He balances school work, orchestra and of course volleyball in his free time. Sean continues to play the game, and looks forward to continuing his hobby.