Beauty and the Beast Review


Released in mid-March 2017, Beauty and the Beast topped one billion in worldwide box office gross revenue.

Carmen Harris, Culture Editor

The adaptation of Beauty and the Beast was released into theaters on March 17, 2017. The first Beauty and the Beast movie was animated and released in 1991. The 2017 movie was live action and featured revered actors like Emma Watson, Josh Gad, and Sir Ian McKellan. For many people like me, the revival was like a childhood dream come true. Many of us grew up admiring and looking up to Disney princesses, so the updated and more progressive version of Belle’s story can mean a lot for young girls.

Overall, the movie was entertaining and funny. It was mostly similar to the previous movie, but some aspects of the plot line was changed. These changes helped make the story seem new and more innovative, instead of watching the same movie over and over. In my opinion, the new movie also made Belle more independent and more of a role model for young girls. In the new movie, Belle is loyal, strong, and outspoken. In many ways, she is the role model that we didn’t get from the other princesses like Snow White and Aurora.

The entire movie is one of the most inclusive and progressive Disney movies that I have ever seen. The different characters in the movie are diverse and complex like nothing we’ve ever seen before. The movie includes feminists and LGBTQA characters that have never really been acknowledged and accepted before this film. Having a movie that celebrates independence and being different can have a huge impact for children. This movie has the capability to shape future generations and make children more accepting of themselves and others. Any movie that can do this is an amazing movie in my mind.