Summer To-Do List

Fun activities to keep your summer interesting


Maroon Bells are two mountains near Aspen that are perfect for a summer hike. Photo by Dhaval Shreyas

Aidin Velick, Staff Writer

If you’re worried that your summer may be boring, there is no need for despair.  Summer is a time to have fun, and the littlest things could turn a boring summer upside down and into a great one.  Here are some simple ways to have a great summer.

1. Pool time.  Going to the pool or going to a water park has no age limit.  Whether you’re just lounging out on the pool side or playing in the water, there is always a way to make it fun.  Go  with your friends and bring a cooler with food and yummy summer drinks like lemonade or smoothies! Also bring along all kinds of fun games.  In the pool, you can play catch with a ball, have a cool jump competition or play the classic game of Marco Polo.

2. Gardening.  Planting a garden is a great way to get outside during the summer.  You can grow any fruit, vegetable, or plant that you want in it.  It’s a great activity to do with your friends or the whole family.  Some things that you can plant in your garden are lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots.  Once all of these things start growing, you can run outside, pick some vegetables, and make your own homemade fresh salad with in minutes!  You could also plant strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe and cherries and you could make a fresh fruit salad to bring to your next potluck.   

3. Holding a backyard BBQ.  You can get together with your closest friends and cook out in the luxury of your own backyard.  Tell everyone invited to bring their own dish, platters and summery desserts are encouraged!  Play some good music and hang out and you’re all set!  You can never go wrong with a summer BBQ.  Some great BBQ foods are fruit salads, which you can make from your very own garden,

4. Going to a local event.  Weather it’s a local farmer’s market or a music festival, it is still a great way to break up a week with a fun and inexpensive activity.  These events don’t happen year round, so summer is the perfect time to attend!.  You can bring your friends and family with you to the events and enjoy not only the event, but spending time with the people you’re closest with.  Over the summer, there is a farmers market in Louisville and Boulder that have local vendors selling all of their best products.

5. Volunteering.  Though that doesn’t sound like the best way to spend your summer, there are definitely fun place to go.  You can volunteer at a humane society and work and play will dogs all day.  And no matter what, helping other people out will always make you feel better.  The Boulder Humane Society is always accepting volunteers to help them out!

6. Camping.  Weather it’s just in your backyard or you pack up all your gear and hike somewhere, it’s still a great summer activity.  Sitting around a warm campfire, telling stories at night time, is something that nobody can say no to.  And if you aren’t the adventurous, you can always just pop a tent in the backyard and pretend like you are in the woods.  Some good places to go camping in the summer is Golden Eagle Campgrounds and Oh Be Joyful Campground, Crested Butte.

7. Weekend trip.  A short weekend trip is like a vacation without all the hassle of traveling so far.  There are many close cities, such as Colorado Springs and Aspen, that have so many little activities to do that would make up the perfect weekend trip.  In Colorado Springs, they have cool landmarks such as Garden of the Gods, which is a beautiful place to go for a leisurely walk.  They also have a zoo where you can feed the giraffes!  In Aspen they have a mountain called Maroon Bells where you can go on really nice hikes.