Isle of Dogs Movie Review


Theodore Morelock, Staff Writer

Wes Anderson has a well-earned reputation of creating quirky and unique worlds in his films while maintaining a cinematic excellence, and never compromising any outstanding qualities. His latest work, Isle of Dogs, is no exception.

One of the things I look for in movies are little details that show that the movie had a lot of thought, love, and care put into it. To me, this is what separates a tolerable film from a great one. This is one of the reasons why Wes Anderson has been able to stand out so much, and Isle of Dogs may be one of his best works yet.

It’s really the little things that set this movie apart. Every single thing on screen is translated to Japanese to not neglect the country it takes place in The title isn’t just “Isle of Dogs,” but also “I love dogs” when pronounced quickly. Not to mention, the animation is amazing and clearly shows how much effort was put into this project. The story is simple, yet out of the ordinary, and thus it never gets dull. I can honestly say that I was not bored once while I was watching this.

Though the film is unconventional, it is strange in all the right ways. It never feels as though the movie is eccentric simply for the sake of being odd. It is clear that it is unusual because that’s how the people behind the film felt it should be. The cinematography and animation are an Anderson signature. Combined, they make every frame on the screen interesting. I can’t wait to watch it again to be able to examine them even more.

Overall, I would highly recommend this movie to both the casual moviegoer and those that love films for the art of filmmaking. It’s funny yet clever; it’s not complex, but it does not insult the viewer’s intelligence. It’s artistically pleasing, but it’s not pretentious. It’s an overall crowd-pleaser that I could go on and on about. Go see this movie.