A Quiet Place Movie Review


(Spoiler Alert: there are lots of spoilers throughout this review).

John Krasinski has recently directed horror film A Quiet Place and also starred alongside his wife Emily Blunt in the movie. For those who do not know, A Quiet Place follows a family that must live life silently as they hide from creatures hunting life on Earth exclusively by sound. I may not be the best expert when it comes to horror films, but I feel like A Quiet Place was alright, though it had the potential to be a better film than it was.

One of the things I look for in horror movies is how “on edge” I feel. When a film is classified as horror, I want something that will keep me nervous and interested in what happens next to the main characters. To me, this is what separates an okay horror film from a nail-biting horror film. Perhaps that is why I think A Quiet Place could have been better.

However, little things did set the movie apart from others like it. Since the whole family had to remain quiet and undetected, they spoke to each other almost always in American Sign Language. This particular detail is something that made me wish I had also learned American Sign Language because it seemed like an unordinary yet creative detail for the movie. This was also interesting as Krasinski specifically wanted the actress playing the oldest daughter to be deaf, following a trait of her character, to allow the role to be more real.

While I would like to say that I had a great experience while watching this film, there were a few details that disappointed me and many questions were left unanswered. To start with, the youngest son finds a toy with batteries that makes lots of noise. When his father takes the batteries out and the toy away from the child, both remain within his reach, and not long after that, the youngest son dies. Seeing how simply this played out made me lose some interest until I saw what was hunting all the characters firsthand.

Overall, I would recommend this movie for anyone who is interested in seeing a classic horror movie or appreciates unique movies. It had a few especially scary moments, but there were some things that I felt took away from genuinely being scared for most of the film. But a sequel of A Quiet Place has already been announced, and I hope that it answers more of my questions and is scarier. I could go into more detail, but that would reveal spoilers, so go and see this movie before the sequel is released.