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Class of 2019 dishes straight facts

Head boy Connor Moore 19 hypes up the crowd during the Homecoming Assembly.

Lincoln Roch

Head boy Connor Moore ’19 hypes up the crowd during the Homecoming Assembly.

Jamie Thompson, Section Editor

We asked four seniors to talk about the legacy of the class of 2019. Here’s what they had to say:

What’s our legacy as the graduating class of 2019?
“I believe that the legacy of the class of 2019 is the lasting traditions our class was able to bring back to Monarch this year. Last year, we know the lack of safety and responsibility caused trust issues between the staff and students. However, Connor, Lainey, and the respectful class of 2019 were given the opportunity this year to bring back traditions such as tailgates and bumpin’ in B Hall Fridays after school.”
– Hayden Reeder ‘19

How do you want the classes under us to carry our legacy?
“I want to leave a huge mark on Monarch. I want to show the younger grades what a real senior class looks like. I want to do this by throwing as many events as possible and bringing everyone together. Monarch is famous, and I want all the younger grades to remember that and carry on what the grades before us have. Above all, they need to carry on the traditions that have been set.”
-Connor Moore ‘19

What’s one thing you wish you knew as a freshman that you know now?
“Freshmen! Your grades do count. They reallly do. You can’t just not try your freshman year. That’s what I did, and I had to work really hard my sophomore, junior, and even this year, which is supposed to be my easiest year.
– Sheema Satar ‘19

What event are you most looking forward to as a senior?
“Graduation! I’m excited to end the past four years with the people I’ve grown up with.”
– Jane Stark ‘19