Breccan in the bank

Corzine makes it big as banker


Nathan Lewison

Breccan Corzine ’21works as a teller at Premier Members Credit Union.

To become a bank teller, it is recommended that you have a high school diploma.

However, Breccan Corzine ‘21, he only needed Monarch’s Business program to get a job at Premier Members Credit Union.

Last year, business teacher Mr. Rudy Sumpter informed Corzine of an opportunity to work part-time at a bank.

Corzine was interested and decided to give it a shot. At this time, Corzine was already a member of the MHS business program. For all students involved, an internship must be completed.

Mr. Sumpter helped Corzine prepare for his interview and recommended him to the Credit Union.

“He taught me business stuff that I would need in order to work as a teller,” Corzine said.

As a teller, Corzine’s job is to complete transactions for members. These transactions include depositing checks and cash and completing withdrawals in the form of cash.

Corzine has been working for the Credit Union for six months, and he typically works six to eight hours a week. Corzine said that the job is very flexible and can work around his schedule.

Despite its flexibility, the job isn’t perfect. Working means that time is taken away from him. Time that he could spend with his friends, doing homework, or even relaxing.

However, Corzine finds a way to stay positive about his busy schedule.

“Getting paid is nice because I can save up for college or buy new things,” Corzine said.

Corzine has the opportunity to learn about what other people do with their money and how they spend it. This will ultimately rub off on Corzine, who plans on saving his money.
Working for a bank is something that plenty of students can’t say they’ve done. Corzine is determined to go against the norm.