Ms.Gee… who is she?

The story and scoop on the everyday life of Ms.Gee.


Ms. Gee and her office.

Being a teacher here in Monarch High, despite the low salary and troubles, is a very enjoyable career. One of Monarch High’s students, Hahn Park, interviewed Ms. Gee. She is one of the teachers here and an excellent resource for students with IEP’s and problems they can’t solve on their own. The lessons she enjoys teaching the most are life lessons such as self-care.  In her personal opinion, she loves to be by a student’s side whenever they are troubled and help find solutions to their problems. Her favorite memory of being a teacher here is she had one senior student with a very sick mother which gave her the burden of a mom and a student which was very stressful. Ms. Gee was there for her as a part of her support system and being the someone the student needed to talk to for stress relief. She was really proud of that. She doesn’t have any other family members who attend here in Monarch, unlike many other teachers. Her main troubles in school are juggling helping and giving kids advice on their stressful lives while doing all that paperwork.