OPINION: Build the Wall

Trump’s presidency has made America great


Donald Trump has been one of the best presidents in this nation’s recent history. President Trump has been able to pass legislation on a bipartisan basis, increase national security, and bolster the US economy in his time as the President of the United States

President Trump has also worked with Republicans and several Democrats to pass important legislation. According to the Washington Post, Trump has been able to pass new prison reforms, opioid trafficking legislation, and the new Right To Try law, which gives people the right  experimental medication if they are dying. President Trump has worked persistently to get as much done as he can on a bipartisan basis.

One of the biggest events in Trump’s presidency has been his involvement with North Korea. Since the Singapore Summit in 2018, Kim Jong Un has scaled back the tests of nuclear weapons and has stopped the constant threats to nuke the United States, according to the New York Times. This is something past presidents weren’t able to do.

Another reason President Trump can be considered one of the best presidents in history is because of what he has done for the US economy. The Washington Post says he has boosted the economy by 4.1% during his term in office. This is the most exponential boost since 2014 and one of the highest in history.

Unlike most presidents, Trump takes action. When things aren’t getting done as fast as he wants them to, he acts upon them. The wall between Mexico and the United States is something he didn’t delay. He didn’t wait for Congress to mill around for the upcoming months, but instead declared a national emergency to help protect his country.

Trump has taken action in office to make him one of the best presidents in recent US history. He has boosted the economy, bolstered national security, and has passed many bills and forms of legislation on a two-party basis. His body of work to improve the country has made Donald Trump one of the best presidents in American history.