Art and ambitions

Sun turns her passion into profit


To many students, turning passion projects into functioning businesses seems like something that needs to wait until after high school. While it is a large responsibility, Katy Sun ‘20 doesn’t let any obstacle stop her.

 In November of 2018, Sun created KaySun, a business where she uses her talents and knowledge of sewing to sell handmade bags made with biodegradable materials. 

“[The business] emphasizes environmental sustainability, and each bag is handmade and hand-sewn which helps provide a little more insight on some of the conditions of a lot of luxury handbag companies,” she said.

Sun’s business started out small, but last year she decided she was ready to put her products on the market.

 “It wasn’t until the start of junior year that I became confident enough to display my handbag creations with the world,” she said. 

To Sun, this business is more than just a way to make money. KaySun represents the milestones she has reached throughout her life.

 “It symbolizes my personal growth in terms of my insecurity of sewing as well as embodies my passions,” she said. 

Not only does she make handmade trendy bags, KaySun creates positive impacts on the environment. 50 percent of the money made through her business goes towards two causes, Monarch’s Eco Club and the Water Project, which funds the construction of a girls’ school in Kenya.

“It really helps the girls get access to water instead of having to pay for it or walk miles to get water for the day. Instead they can focus on studying in school,” Sun said. 

It is not easy to create something from nothing and then market it so that anybody can see or purchase it. However, this doesn’t stop Katy from overcoming her fears and putting her passion of sewing towards something that people will love. 

“KaySun is a direct application of my passion for the environment,” Sun said. “My passion for sharing the art form of sewing. My interest in building a business. And most importantly, my journey of developing confidence.”