The tall man and Zenobia


According to the theatre director Ms. Gwendolyn Lukas-Doctor, the Monarch theatre department is haunted by two ghosts. “One we call the tall man, and a little girl we named Zenobia,” she said.

“The tall man likes to appear in the pillars on the sides of the auditorium, he likes to appear and peak around the pillars,” she said. “Zenobia is often heard more than she is seen, she likes to giggle.” 

During a show, Lukas-Doctor had an encounter with the Tall Man. “We saw what we thought was an actor come out early. Then he ducked behind a pillar,” she said. “We were waiting and waiting, because it wasn’t his cue. I told one of the girls to go down and check on him.”

“We watched her walk down there, and she looks back up, like there was no one there. We all had our eyes on it the whole time,” she said. This was one of the times in which a group all witnessed the tall man. 

Another time she had a group witness a ghost in the auditorium. “There was this mic hanging from the top baton, and this girl was giving a monologue,” Ms. Lukas-Doctor said. “The mic just picked itself up, and then dropped and started swinging. All of us in the house gasped because we all saw it move.” 

She doesn’t believe that any of the ghosts are violent or have bad intentions, but she is still weary of them.