Lights out


Evie Cuffaro and Lia Farrell

Social studies teacher Mr. Dave Farrell went through his early years skeptical of ghosts, but that changed during the school year of 1996. 

“When I was teaching up in Nederland, there was a young man in my class five times a day,” Mr. Farrell said. 

Later that year, Mr. Farrell experienced a tragedy. “One day, [the young man] went home from school and killed himself. It was a terrible day, one of the worst in my life.

“I’ll never forget. I was in my classroom one day, maybe a week later,” Mr. Farrell said. “I was trying to put some closure on the whole thing so I went to his class, and I pulled up his name, and I hit delete. As soon as I hit delete, the lights went off.”

Immediately, Mr. Farrell knew it was the young man trying to communicate with him. 

“Maybe two minutes later, the lights came on,” he said. “The switch was on the entire time; it never moved. But I’m talking about the second I hit that delete button, the lights went off.”

“I believe he was there,” Mr. Farrell said. “He died in an incredibly traumatic way, and he wasn’t quite ready to go yet.”