Freshest ‘fits

Student dishes the tea on how to shop on a budget

Many people take pride in what they wear and how they look, especially Sophie Westerkamp ‘20. High school for some is not only just a place for learning, it’s also a constant fashion show to flex the coolest clothes you have. 

From designer brands to thrifted gems, school is a constant drip contest and Sophie is winning. “I love to thrift. I buy a lot of my stuff at Arc, just because it’s really cheap, and you can find some really, really good stuff,” she said. Every day she shows up with some of the best fits that Monarch High School has ever seen. For Sophie,  fashion doesn’t mean the coolest, most expensive thing.

 “I just think [good fashion] means whatever you’re comfortable in and whatever you think is most representative of yourself.” You don’t always have to spend large amounts of money in order to look fresh. Some of the most drippy people ball on a budget. Like Sophie.