Things to bring back from the Roaring 20s

  1. Flapper Dresses- These bring a certain class to partying. Why not party with class?
  2. Swing Dancing- The style of dance takes some time to learn, but once it is mastered, it is great way to enjoy your free time. 
  3. The term “Know Your Onions”- This means to stay updated on the latest gossip or news, and it brings classical weird to everyday slang.
  4. The term “Bee’s Knees”- The term means very high quality or excellent. This brings a certain class to modern and everyday slang
  5. Fringe on clothing- Fringe adds a certain type of fanciness to your everyday wardrobe.
  6. Gala type parties- These parties have so many things to do. You can enjoy some nice drinks and swing dance with your partner on the dance floor.