In 2020, I Wish…

Our wishes for the upcoming decade


People would stop talking about The Office

By Connor Nimmons

In 2020, I wish that people will stop talking about The Office. Like, come on. It’s been, what, nearly seven years off the air, and you’re still talking about it? Is it that good? This show is mediocre at best. It’s done nothing to cement itself in TV history like The Sopranos or Seinfeld have. My honest opinion? This show is nothing more than Steve Carrell being an idiot (or better yet, himself) for 22 minutes. I simply just don’t get it. What’s the appeal? You’re all teenagers- 14 to 18 years old. You don’t work in an office. How on earth is a show about office hijinks of any interest to you?


High School Musical: The Musical: The Series will be canceled

By Lincoln Roch

In 2020 I wish the deep state heads of Disney+ cancel “Highschool Musical: The Musical: The Series.” I’m not saying the original high school musical movies saved humanity, but they got the children of America through two wars in the Middle East and the worst recession in eight decades. Fast forward to the world of 2019. As the now teenagers of America cry at night missing Obama and obsess over the fact that Jeffrey Epstien didn’t kill himself; Disney Plus presented us with a reboot of a beloved franchise. However, just like the live action Lion King, the show is unnecessary and complete garbage. It’s just Glee but somehow with more teen angst. I hope there’s no second season.


To figure out what to do with life

By Hahn Park

In 2020, I wish that I would figure out what I want to do in this life before I go to college. For all my life, my only hobbies are sleeping, lazing around, playing with toys (especially Lego), and gaming. I might have to try lots of things to figure out what really interests me. I have a few ideas about this topic at the very least. First of all, I like animals so being a veterinarian may hit off with me. My mom and aunt say I should be a doctor to be better equipped to save my family. There’s also business since money is definitely alluring.Oh well, whatever happens when I get to college, I hope they offer loads of try-outs. Or else, I’m doomed to work a job that pays a lot and I really hate.


People would stop using music taste as a joke

By Lindsay Haight

In 2020, I wish that people would stop using people’s music taste as a way to make fun of them. If somebody likes K-Pop or listens to music that’s in a different language, that is completely up to them. People are allowed to listen to whatever they want to. Just because it is not what the main population is listening to, doesn’t mean that they should have to stop listening to it because it doesn’t fit social standards. People have the right to listen to whatever they want to and deserve to not be judged for it. 


For new rap music to be released

By Logan Lair

In 2020, I wish for more new rap music to be released. Overall, 2019 has been a good year in rap. Some new groundbreaking rappers such as Rico Nasty, Roddy Ricch, and Da Baby blew up in 2019, giving us a vast amount of new quality beats and bars. The quantity, on the other hand,  has dropped significantly. In 2018, we had albums like Drake’s Scorpion, Travis Scott’s Astroworld, and many more by Rae Sremmurd, J. Cole, and Lil Wayne. Compared to the year before, 2019 was a weak year for the rap game. So, in 2020, I wish that some new rap music would drop in order to quench my thirst for new music. 


For people stop asking for another “Roaring 20s”

By Ruby Cervantes

In 2020, I wish people would stop wishing for another “Roaring 20s.” If I see one more person post on social media about how much they wish they were alive in the 1920s, I’m going to lose my mind. Let’s not fail to remember that the 1920s was a very tragic time for America. I can’t help but laugh when I hear people say, “Ugh, I just want to be a flapper and listen to jazz and go to speakeasies.” Do you really? Do you also want the racism, opioid addiction, and prohibition, too? I didn’t think so.


I could play more volleyball

By Minh Anh Le

In 2020, I wish I could spend more time playing volleyball. I started playing volleyball a year ago, but recently I don’t have enough time to practice. As my first year in high school goes along, there’s already loads of homework to keep me from playing volleyball. In 2020, I wish teachers would give students less homework so students have more time to pursue the things they love because being in school for seven hours everyday is enough stress. Also, I wish people could spend more time doing the things they love.