Ho-ho-holiday Quiz Time!

Answer these questions to find out what you love most about the holiday season


The Holidays are here! Are you full of spirit or a bah humbug? Take this quiz to find out:

1.What is your go-to holiday song?

a.) Jingle Bell Rock 

b.) Baby It’s Cold Outside

c.) All I want for Christmas is You

d.) I don’t listen to holiday music 


2. What is your favorite holiday movie?

a.) The Polar Express  

b.) Elf

c.) Home Alone 

d.) I’m not a fan of holiday movies  


3. What is your favorite holiday beverage?

a.) Hot chocolate 

b.) Apple cider 

c.) Eggnog 

d.) I don’t have one 


4. How do you spend a snowy winter day?

a.) Sledding with my friends! 

b.) Driving around and looking at Christmas lights with my significant other

c.) Baking cookies

d.) Curled up under a blanket by the fire. I’m just trying to stay warm! 


5. Do you decorate your house for the holidays?

a.) YES! I deck the halls like crazy

b.) Just a little mistletoe in the doorway for me 

c.) I mean, I decorate cookies, does that count?

d.) No, not really my thing 


Quiz Answer Types: 

If you answered mostly A… You’re all about the classics: old movies, original songs, and the signature drink of the holiday season. December 1st comes around and you’re already in the holiday spirit! 

If you answered mostly B… You’re a sucker for holiday romance. Cheesy Hallmark movies are your favorite and you’d watch them all year round if you could. Hopefully this winter season you’ll find that special someone for under the mistletoe. 

If you answered mostly C… You like the holidays for the treats. If someone is looking for you at a holiday party, they’ll find you wherever the food is. 

If you answered mostly D… This isn’t your favorite time of year, but you could use some of the suggestions from answer choices A, B, and C for some holiday cheer!