A podcast you can’t miss

The Two Princes is worth the listen


Ryleigh Selby

Amanda Selby listens to the podcast The Two Princes

The Two Princes is a scripted fantasy podcast telling the story of Rupert and Amir’s journey to saving their homelands against their mothers’ wishes. They viewed each other as strictly acquaintances in the beginning but throughout the story they turn out to be much more. What is so exceptional about The Two Princes is that they take a cliche plot and make it into something you’ve never seen before.

The podcast has a perfect blend of romance and action. In most movies involving romance, I feel like the romance aspect takes away from the story, but in The Two Princes it only adds to it. For example, in episode 5 of season 1 “That sinking feeling”, Prince Rupert and Prince Amir stop their quest to swim in a lake that Amir just discovered. Usually I’d immediately groan and wish they would just get on with the quest but this scene turned out to be one of my favorites in the entire series.

The scene makes it feel like Rupert and Amir are the only ones on earth. They stand close to each other in the lake by a beautiful waterfall, and Amir asks Rupert to come close. Rupert moves a bit towards him. Then he asks him to come even closer. Rupert complies, and there’s a pause then Amir dunks him in the water.

They both break out into an impromptu game of tag.

Because they don’t kiss, the scene is more impactful. In many movies involving romance, the love interests kiss too soon causing the beginning of the relationship to be anticlimactic, but in The Two Princes they make you wait for it. The absence of the kiss adds to the tension. It makes you want them to confess their love already.

The writers did a fantastic job with the characters and making them have such amazing chemistry that you immediately root for them, and yearn for them to confess to each other. The build up makes the ending satisfying and well worth the wait.

Even though most of the podcast is platonic between the main characters, they supplement that with comedy and drama, making the entire series well rounded and a great experience.

There are multiple characters in the series and they all add comedy or suspense to the story. They all have interesting personalities and amazing voice actors. The characters make re-appearances in season 2 and 3 so they aren’t just used for comic relief and thrown away.

Character development is one of the aspects of the podcast I really love. When Rupert first meets Amir he is cold, uncaring, and a bit of a narcissist. But during their journey, Rupert’s carefree playful demeanor rubs off on him and he becomes a much more caring man.

The podcast is a great choice for anyone who enjoys comedy, romance and action. It has accurate LGBTQ+ representation, a brilliant plot, a wonderful cast of characters and suburb voice actors to go with them.