Unpopular opinions: Where is your sense of fashion?

Monarch has no sense of fashion. No one is ready for the runway.

We just went through COVID, so I should be gentler on this one, but when I look around the halls during a passing period, it looks like everyone just crawled out of bed.

We need to step it up, Monarch. I think people have the resources to make the right decisions regarding their clothes.

I am sick of seeing pajama pants and some old Utah State Parks hoodie. It is not stylish or appealing when your shorts are all pulled up so it looks like you decided to go to school in your birthday suit.

And that goes for both gentlemen and ladies–no one wants to see your cheeks.

Here is my solution: every time you get ready, I want you to be able to look in the mirror and say, “I am proud that I am choosing to wear this.”