Unpopular opinions – Takis are gross

Unpopular opinions - Takis are gross

Takis are not good.

I know a lot of people live for their Takis, but they’re just too chemical-filled and synthetic for my soul to handle. It’s as if you always need a glass of milk right next to you whenever you eat them. Not to mention they dye your hands an ugly reddish orange color that lasts for at least a couple hours. Layers of chemicals upon chemicals.

The so-called “different flavors” aren’t even that contrasting. Like, how is there any distinction between barbecue and fajita flavors?

I mean, what even are the flavors? Angry Burger? Volcano Queso? Scorpion Barbecue? With Volcano Queso and Scorpion Barbecue changing color? Pure chemicals.

All of it tastes like the feel of death as your taste buds slowly die.