Paranormal Activities – Princess loving poltergeist

Ghost loves Netflix at Lillian Vaughn’s house


It was three o’clock in the morning at a typical sleepover.
For Lillian Vaughn ‘25 and her friends, that meant it was time to break out the Ouija board.
“I saw a white shadow go across the ceiling,” Vaughn said. “I kind of screamed at the top of my lungs.”
Even though Vaughn’s first instinct was to be scared, she quickly found it amusing.
“I was the only person who wasn’t afraid of it. Everybody else was just squealing, and I was like, it’s just one figure, it’s not a big deal,” Vaughn said.
The white shadows and Oujia boards were not a one time occurence for Vaughn. Paranormal activity surrounds her, and spirits even affect her family and friends. In the safe place Vaughn calls home, there lives a residential ghost.
Meet Jeremy: with a princess-show-watching lifestyle, he is unafraid to alert Vaughn of his presence.
“I was home alone, just chilling, watching TV, then my remote stopped working,” Vaughn said. “The TV suddenly switched from Hulu to Netflix and started scrolling through shows.”
She had no choice but to wait and see what would happen next.
“It clicks on some princess show that already had four episodes watched. I haven’t watched that, and I’m pretty sure my mom hasn’t watched that,” Vaughn said. “Now our remote to the downstairs TV is missing, and the TV turns on and off.”
For Vaughn, seeing Jeremy’s typical habits became a daily occurence. Similar to her Ouija board experience, she wasn’t afraid and soon accepted Jeremy as a new part of her life.
“I was like, a little freaked out but now, I just think, hey the TV is on, must be Jeremy trying to watch princess movies on Netflix,” Vaughn said.
However, Jeremy was not simply full of fun and games.
“A glass shattered in my mom’s hand for no reason whatsoever. Her hand was perfectly fine, but a glass shard came down and cut her shin,” Vaughn said.
Living with Jeremy keeps Vaughn on her toes, and paranormal activity is constantly on her mind. No matter the possible unfavorable outcomes, Vaughn is eager to further explore her connection to the paranormal.
“I’m getting a Ouija board for Christmas. So, it’s probably not going to end well,” she said.