Warm winter waffles

Senior reminisces about breakfasts at family cabin


Waking up to the smell of sizzling bacon and freshly squeezed orange juice was just another perk of the annual cabin trip Mia Reinke ‘23 went on as a kid. “Every morning, my dad and my godfather would cook up a massive breakfast for all the kids and parents,” she said.
The Reinke family was joined by four other families at their shared cabin in Grand Lake. Breakfast was always the highlight of the trip. “They would cook like five pounds of eggs, and five pounds of bacon along with bagels and pancakes and waffles for all the ten kids and five parents,” Reinke said.
In addition to the insane amount of food, other dishes were occasionally featured. “Sometimes my mom made pumpkin spice waffles which were delicious, or I would ask them to put chocolate chips in my waffles,” she said.
Breakfast was always a time for all the parents and children to spend time together and make memories. “It was a great cabin, with great people, and obviously great food,” she said.