Pet Peeves: Bad drivers


Maeby Aleo

Speed up. If you’re going 40 miles per hour in a 45, I might or might not follow you really closely from behind. It’s pretty simple. Apply a bit more pressure to the gas pedal, and you will speed up. Amazing, isn’t it?

It’s seriously not that hard. Hit the gas and get moving. Not to mention all y’all on your phones.

1) It’s illegal.

2) It’s dangerous.

And 3) You aren’t paying attention, so you either slow down, or you’re over the line into the lane next to you, making it impossible to pass.

Quit talking to your Aunt Carol and hang up the phone. Better yet, turn it off. No one needs you to block half of a lane and no one needs you to go under the speed limit.

If you do want to, you might as well go back to Driver’s Ed.