Pet Peeves: Baseball haters


Zack Frieder

“Baseball is so boring, and it’s, like, the easiest sport to play. You just stand there.”

If this is a thought you have had, you don’t know anything about baseball. If you think that baseball is an easy sport, here are some facts. Hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in sports, by far.

It’s easier to “Moss” the best defensive back in the NFL than it is to hit a baseball off of the best pitcher in the MLB. You go stand in the box and try to hit a 100 MPH fastball, then try to hit a 82 MPH curveball that breaks more than a foot. People don’t understand the difficulty.

For everyone that says it’s boring, every play in a football game is intriguing, right? That’s like every pitch in a baseball game. Everyone complains that the games are too long, but really an NFL game takes longer. No one seems to understand that. So if you have this incorrect opinion, change your mind because you’re wrong.

Don’t hate the game; get educated.