REVIEW: Giovannitti Coffee Roasters


Josh Addison

From Giovanitti Coffee’s website

We all search for the perfect latte or mocha. Starbucks has fun, elaborate drinks, but it’s not the best. Ziggi’s has even more elaborate drinks and for a better price, but they use too much milk… And of course, there’s Bittersweet. Everyone’s “favorite” coffee shop in Louisville. I get the “vibe” is “really cool,” but in reality, the coffee is overpriced and unsatisfying. It’s all bitter and no sweet. Halfway down the block, in the old State Mercantile building, sits a quiet, undervalued coffee shop named Giovannitti Coffee Roasters. Now, this place has the best coffee in Louisville. A 24 oz. mocha costs a mere five dollars, whereas a 12 oz. mocha at Bittersweet is the same price. Double the amount of the coffee for the same price sounds pretty good to me.