UNDERRATED: Taylor Swift’s Evermore

UNDERRATED: Taylor Swifts Evermore

Long story short, “Evermore” is the most underrated album ever. Taylor Swift truly gives the spotlight to her lyrical skill. People need to stop undermining its magic by comparing it to “Folklore” because this album brings forth an incandescent glow through its excellent imagery, storytelling, literary devices, and perfect bridge. In “champagne problems”, Taylor sings “Your Midas touch on the Chevy door. November flush, and your flannel cure” because in “Daylight”, Taylor describes Joe’s color as golden. Impeccable. Also, it’s relatable. When she sings, “The more that you say, the less that I know”, that’s literally me to math teachers. The College Board would definitely give it a sophistication point if it was an AP Lang essay. “Evermore” should be celebrated, not simply tolerated.