Addy Lofstedt Commits to N.A.U.


Dominic Yang

Addy Lofstedt leaps for a serve in a preseason scrimmage at Monarch High School

Conner Lund, News Editor

Addy Lofstedt, senior volleyball standout, has committed to play volleyball at  Northern Arizona University. Northern Arizona’s volleyball team competes in division 1.

Lofstedt has been a key part of the Coyote’s offensive attack this season. Lofstedt is a powerful presence at the net, she leads the team with 190 kills so far this season.

“I had a few other offers from colleges. But N.A.U. was the best one,” says Lofstedt. “the size of the school was perfect for me. And it was a lot like home.” Lofstedt did not get to where she was by herself though. “My parents and friends were really helpful. They just wanted me to wait and see which offers I got.”

Head Volleyball Coach, Tom Sullivan, sees a bright future for Lofstedt. “I think N.A.U. is a great fit for Addy. It’s both close to home, yet still far enough away. Division 1 volleyball will really help Addy compete at a higher level.”

This is the first commitment from the volleyball team this year, but expect more. Senior Kendall Peterson also has plans for pursuing her career into college, but is still deciding which college to attend. “I’m looking at division 2 schools right now” says Peterson. “I think it’s awesome that Addy can compete in division 1. I think it’s where she belongs.”

Sullivan explains, “all of N.A.U.’s games will be broad casted weekly, so watch for Addy in the future.”