Monarch Falls Short in a Back and Forth Battle Against Legacy


Daisy Fuchs

Running back Phillip Bubernak runs the ball in for an early touchdown in Friday night’s game against legacy. Victory evaded Monarch after a tightly matched game with a final score of 21-28.

Poms senior girls were recognized on the field and fat heads of football seniors were waved through the crowd, although Monarch lost in a close game against Legacy with a final score of 21-28.

Adding to the disappointment was a knee injury for running back Phillip Bubernak during the fourth quarter that caused him to sit out the remainder of the game.

Despite the loss, Monarch did have some strong plays, including Bubernak running the ball in for a touchdown in the first quarter of the game. From there it was a volley back and forth of who could get touchdowns that left the game with such a close score.

Another impressive play from Monarch of Bruce Oliver’s run on a kick return that brought Monarch only 25 yards away from scoring again.

The recurring problem that the Coyote’s defense faced was Legacy’s long passes with mixed in runs,including a few runs by the quarterback, always keep the defense on their toes.

Next week Monarch will face Rocky Mountain in an away game with an attempt to end their regular season on a high note.