Eagles Surpass the Coyotes in League Battle

Monarch girls’s basketball loses to Broomfield 65-52


Sam Wexler

Reagan Rohn rushes to help her team as Broomfield attempts to score at the Monarch girl’s basketball pink game. Broomfield beat Monarch 65-52.

The Monarch girls basketball team was defeated in a tough loss to league rival, Broomfield. The game was the ‘pink game’ that sponsored both breast cancer research and Monarch counselor, Mary Powers.

The Coyotes led early in the game, but pressure from the Eagles came later, starting with their game tying points right before halftime. After halftime, the monarch ladies simply were not able to hold off the Eagles’ star players Callie Kaiser and Brenna Chase.

“I think they did a lot of good things. They played really well, they played hard. Broomfield is a good team and it was a hard game, but they played well. As for improving, a lot of that is rebounding, not just getting one shot. Other than that it was just a hard game,” assistant coach Julie Hoehing said.

Sophomore Jasmine Jeffcoat lead the free throws through the first half, totaling 12 points in the game. While future Sacramento State player,Raegan Rohn, tallied 15 points, leading the coyotes in scoring.

“We came out and had a really great start. we came out with the lead and then everything was going well and then our shots stopped falling and we started getting behind but we kept fighting back and then it became a battle of fouling and them going to the free throw line,” Rohn said.

Other notable performances include senior Sally Sroge with 10 points, as well as sophomore Peyton Carter and senior Kelly O’Flannigan with 3 point field goals.

Though the coyotes were not able to pull off a win in the game, they succeeded at raising money for Mary Powers, raising over seven thousand dollars for both her and cancer research in general.