Coyotes Power Through Mustangs in Big Win


Matt Keenan

The Monarch football team runs out of the helmet at the beginning of their game against Mountain Range.

If there were any doubts about the Monarch football team, they were put to rest Friday night as the Monarch Coyotes dismantled the Mountain Range Mustangs 47-0.

Coming into the game, the Coyotes knew they had to win. After suffering losses in their first three games of the year, they were determined to get back on track through extra work and dedication throughout the week. “The difference this week was that the coaches really emphasized film study and really knowing our opponents,” said tight end and defensive end Ryan Webb. “The team really committed to that, and it obviously paid off.”

That commitment to play hard smoothly transitioned to the game, as Monarch took the lead early and never looked back. The Coyote’s run game was ferocious, as Sam Lopez, Alex Bradfield, and Ethan Stansbury all contributed large chunks of yardage and scores throughout the game.

On top of the run, Monarch’s passing attack sprung to life on Friday as well. Quarterback Anthony Beck took advantage of the Mustang’s defense and completed many short check down passes, including a perfectly placed lob pass to wideout Easton Hall for a second quarter touchdown.


Looking forward at next week’s game, the Coyotes will face possibly their toughest battle of the year as they take on the top-5 ranked Fairview Knights. Even though the Mountain Range win is still settling in, the coaches and players are already looking to prevail in next week’s matchup. “We’re gonna correct the things that we did incorrect and build upon the things that we did well,” said head coach Phil Bravo.

“If we play as well as we did in this game, we can beat any team in this league,” said defensive lineman Nico Magri.

It’s safe to say the Monarch Coyotes are bottling the momentum from this game and are not looking back.