Frisbee Fever

MOHI Ultimate prepares for state


Seniors Mailys Steiblen and Ellie Stanish warm up before a game at the Louisville Sports Complex.

Monarch’s Ultimate team is used to having success. After taking state champions during the 2015 Spring Season, frisbee is catching on. Unlike other schools around the state, Monarch has one of the largest teams, encompassing over a hundred people on both the JV and Varsity teams. Many of the students are drawn to the sport because of both it’s fun factor and that it is much more accessible to the student population unlike most other interscholastic activities.

“I play frisbee because I like the simplicity and lack of physicality of the game,” said sophomore Evan Allenson who plays for the spring team. “Most of the game consists of constant running so I get in shape, but the actually throwing doesn’t take much effort.”

Now, the fall team is preparing to go to work against the rest of Colorado as State Finals draws closer on November 14th and 15th, the team is optimistic and ready. The Varsity team has been able to go undefeated for the entire season and are ready to take it all the way to the end.

“We get to see how all of our hard work throughout the season pays off.” said Varsity senior Ellie Stanish.

Stay tuned for the Howler’s coverage of the tournament in the coming weeks.