Eagles Soar Past Monarch in Rivalry Matchup

Even with an improved passing attack and some flashy play calls, the Monarch football team was unable to overcome the powerhouse Broomfield offense on Friday, as they fell to the Eagles by a score of 28-10.

From the first possession onwards, Broomfield showcased a powerful option-style offense, eating up yards each play with an extremely balanced playbook, and were able to use this strategy to put themselves ahead by two scores early in the second quarter.

The Coyotes, on the other hand, found minimal success with their ground-and-pound style play-calling in the early stages of the match, forcing head coach Phil Bravo to take a step outside of his comfort zone. The adjustments were instantly noticeable, as Senior quarterback Stone MacIntyre hit senior wideout Easton Hall on multiple occasions, driving Monarch down the field for a field goal to conclude the first half of play.

Though the game adjustments would prove to ignite a flame throughout the Monarch team, coach Aaron Paddock’s defense continued to face new obstacles against the Broomfield offense, allowing Junior running back Tanner Garner to burst through a pack of Coyotes a 79-yard score midway through the third quarter. Fullback Max Laychak did manage to find the endzone in the fourth quarter, but it proved to be too little too late for a team that had already surrendered 28 points.

Looking ahead, the Coyotes will make the trip up to Longmont next week to face the undefeated Skyline Falcons, looking to raise their game record to 3-3 on the season, and, undoubtedly, refine their newly found passing game into  dangerous threat to their opponents.