National Champion

Cross Country school legend, two time defending champion


Senior Isaac Green (number 669) runs in a cross country meet.

Isaac Green. You have heard the name before, whether he’s in your AP stats class sixth period, or in the newspaper after winning another state title. Green runs cross country and track for Monarch, and he is hands down one of the most talented runners to come through the school’s program. Green is a two-time state winner in cross country and has titles in multiple track events as well.

Green, a senior, recently competed at NXN (Nike Nationals) for the second time in two years. The varsity boys’ squad had an outstanding season, earning Monarch their first state title ever in cross country, and were hoping to make it to nationals as a team, but sadly did not.  But, none the less, Green was still pumped for Nationals as expected.  

“This year [I had a lot of] mixed emotions because I really wanted the team to go and we just weren’t able to put it together on that day, but individually it was exciting” Green said.

Last year’s race was rough for Green, as he got hurt right in the beginning.

“Well my first time I pulled my hamstring and hopped the race on one foot,” Green said.

So, this year he had high sights and wanted to do great things with the amazing opportunity he had once again earned.  Both years, Green’s goal has been to achieve All-American status. Unfortunately, this was not accomplished either year. This year Green ranked 41st in the meet, just out of reach for All American.

Conditions in Oregon on Saturday, December 3 were less than ideal for Green.  The wet and muddy course did not give an advantage to Green’s large build.

“Conditions are usually a non factor because everyone has to race in them, but this course definitely catered to the skinny, typical cross country type, like the small dudes, with small feet that are really light,” Green said.   

The course was extremely muddy after the girl’s race, which was 30 minutes prior to when the gun shot off for the boy’s race.

“Conditions were a lot tougher than the year before, it was just so wet and muddy and really crappy, but for everyone it’s just the same conditions so you can’t really complain,”  Green said.

Green is not only an accomplished runner, but is also the kind of teammate you’d want to have around.

“The whole season he’s definitely pushed the girls team and wants them to succeed to he just motivates everyone as a leader and as an example,” said Audrey Lookner, a varsity, and state team runner. Lookner, now a senior, has been running with Green since freshman year.

Greg Hibl (12) has been running with Green since their days at LMS.

“He gave us an outlook on what could happen if we put in the extra work, and the extra little things, so really he just motivated us to the next level to succeed,”  Hibl said. He added,

“[Green is] very humble, outgoing, and he’s a great guy who loves to make people laugh.”

Running is a difficult sport to excel in, with miles upon miles of training, and  demanding workouts  ranging from intervals to long runs. Some of runner’s successes  can come from  genetic factors, while some of them  are owed to the work that you put in. In the end, Green has experienced the dream of Nike Nationals twice, as well as being a repeat State Champion. There are exciting things coming in his future.