Hey now, you’re an all star, get your game on, go play!

These all star sports lovers are playing onto greater things, and greater records


Sam Saliba

A shot from the Monarch vs. Regis hockey game

Monarch sports can transform an athlete into something far greater, but they also allow students to follow their love for athletics into college. The three stories below showcase three different people involved in three different sports, all striving for the same thing… greatness. Football, hockey, and pole vaulting will be on the hot seat for this sports article.

Cowboy Found, Wyoming Bound
It shows a great amount of character and determination for an athlete to extend their love of a sport into their college years. It shows an even greater amount for an athlete to be recruited by a Division 1 school. Austen Weber is a defensive tackle, and/or substitute nose guard, for Monarch High School Football. He was recruited by the Division 1 Wyoming Cowboys. Wyoming University is not only a very athletically prestigious school, but it also very immersed in academics. He shows traits that prove that he is a balanced student which can take care of his schooling while still working in his athletic occupation. The Howler Magazine was fortunate enough to get in touch with him, and get an interview. He states “I’ve been playing football since I was 8 years old, so it is my favorite sport”. We asked him why he chose Wyoming University, “It was amazing, from the first time I saw the facilities at the school, to meeting the coaches, and understanding that it is a good school. It will be a challenge, but I am ready for it,” he said.

Hot on the Ice
Hockey is definitely a multi-ability sport. From agility to precision, it is one of the most demanding sports. While some players do it just for fun, others dedicate themselves to the long hours and brutal physical demands of hockey. Team Colorado faced a lot of obstacles in their past season. One of which was the loss taken in districts. They ranked 45th in national standings. They were paired against the #10 team, Dallas. Annika Dribbon was interviewed about the first game played against Dallas. She answered “It was tough, especially to fight so hard and to lose after coming so far. We stuck it to Houston though. They only won by one point, and two games. This is after they have swept other teams. It wasn’t a win for the books, but definitely one for our spirit.”

Olympic Greatness in Our Presence
Mike Tully is an Olympic Pole Vaulting coach that has dedicated his time to coaching Monarch’s Pole Vaulting team. This can be seen first hand by students on Monarch’s football field and track. Tully takes time out of his schedule to one-on-one coach some of the Pole Vaulting team’s best members. He displays a great amount of heart, determination to make players great, and dedication to a calling. But don’t just believe the Howler Staff here at Monarch. He had some words to say about it himself as well. “These kids mean a lot to me, I love seeing them grow and take on real world problems,” he said. When asked how pole vaulting affects the players off of the field he said, “As they grow and handle themselves, they gain responsibility and insight on what will be thrown their way later in life. I am tough on these kids, but it’s for a reason.”