Heart sets him apart

Singh makes comeback after injury freshmen year


Kate Muldoon

It’s every player’s dream to start on varsity football as a freshman. That dream became a reality for Keiran Singh ‘22 in 2018. 

But only for three games. 

As a freshman, Keiran Singh ‘22 played starting running back during the Homecoming football game last year. “There were probably about 2,000 people there,” Singh said. “That was my first start, and I was just a skinny little freshman. I’m always nervous before games, but that was a big step up.”

Head football coach Mr. Phil Bravo saw Singh’s passion and talent for the game and knew he would be an asset to the team. “[Keiran] has a lot of spirit to him and he’s always enthusiastic, even when things aren’t going well,” Mr. Bravo said. “He’s always aspiring. Those are hard components to find.” 

A week after the Homecoming game last year, Singh’s season ended. 

“I broke my thumb and had surgery,” Singh said. “I was out for 8 weeks, which was the rest of the season.” 

Being forced to take a step back and rest was not easy for Singh. “You see games where you could have had the opportunity to do something, but you’re just sitting out on the sidelines,” he said. “You just have to deal with it because you’re not ready.” 

Despite the injury, he was determined to stay as close to the game as he could. “I still went to every single practice, every day,” Singh said. “I went to all the team dinners [and] all the film sessions.” 

Mr. Bravo saw Singh’s comeback as a learning opportunity. “It’s one of those moments that’s a growth moment,” he said. “Everybody will grow from it, and he’ll be a better person for it.”  

Now in his sophomore year, Singh pushes himself to be the best he can be. “I had a lot of expectations having been a freshman playing on varsity,” he said. “So, when I came back sophomore year, I felt like I had to meet those expectations.”