Legacie of spirit

Untraditional items become tradition for football crowds

Lindsay Haight

For many people, school spirit is shown by how much Monarch gear you have. For others, it’s in the spirit wear that is passed down. Monarch has five pieces of spirit wear passed down year after year to wear at football games: the tutus, the poncho, the bucket boy suit, the beekeeper suit, and the hard hat.

Every piece of spirit wear handed off has a different reason as to why it is inherited. The hard hat that Ben Riecken ‘20 wears, for example, is passed down through the lacrosse team. The bucket boy suit that Nolan Chavez ‘20 wears is passed down to someone who shows a lot of spirit.

However, there are some expectations that come with inheriting the spirit wear. “I just have to be loud and get the crowd rowdied up,” Riecken said. He says it takes a lot of dedication and hard work in order to get chosen to wear the gear.

It shows one’s passion for Monarch. It isn’t all hard work, though. “It’s fun. You have front row seats to every game,” Riecken said.