Stewart makes splash in two sports

Senior generates big influence on Monarch sports

Trey Stewart ‘20 is one of the most influential sports stars in recent years at Monarch. His contributions on the court, as well as on the field are immeasurable.

 “I’m fortunate enough to be surrounded by great athletes in both sports and they all push me to get better everyday,” Stewart said. 

Ever since Trey could walk he has been playing sports. He started playing basketball in kindergarten, and football in third grade. His love for basketball and football derived  from watching his older brother. “I grew up watching my older brother play, and I always had fun playing those sports.”

 His athleticism and his drive to be the best he can be have paved his way towards starting on varsity football in his junior year. Playing both sides of the ball is one of the toughest things a football player can do. With the most receiving yards in the past two seasons for the yotes, as well as a total of 86 tackles, Stewart makes it look easy.

Sadly, his high school football career has come to an end, but he hopes to continue playing football in college with offers from multiple schools.

 On the other hand, his high school basketball career is soaring this season. In his senior year Stewart hopes to catch the eye of some colleges, and hopefully play basketball at a college level.
Last year, Stewart scored a total of 43 points in 21 games contributing to the Yotes success. 

“He helps connect our team as a whole. He’s a great leader and motivates everyone,” said teammate Lucas Pleva “20.