Diving head first into life

Violet Clyker ‘23 juggles academics and multiple sports

Jacqueline Campbell

Violet Clyker ‘23 has a busy schedule.

Participating in various activities such as spinning in Color Guard and Band, swimming frequently for Monarch, being fluent in music theory while playing the cello, picking up volleyball, and even more outside of school, when it comes to time management, Clyker is a master.

“Even though I’m busy, keeping my grades up is very important to me, and my parents definitely keep me on track,” Clyker said. She likes all of her activities because they keep her busy and keep her going.

“I started Color Guard this year, and I like it a lot because I love the people, and they make it very fun,” she said. According to Clyker, Color Guard is different than sports.

“In sports, there’s a team aspect and in Color Guard, it’s all friends. Although I do like having a teamwork and friendship aspect,” Clyker said. She has a passion for all the activities she endeavors in, but she has love for more than just the activities.

“The most memorable experiences are mostly the friends but also, the performances. I also like the competitions. I love the adrenaline,” she said.

Clyker played Volleyball her 8th grade year and this past year in the 2019 Fall season, but it was difficult with all the other activites on top.

“I had to miss Volleyball so frequently because of other activities,” she said. “I put in a decent amount of hours. I also play the cello outside of school. I’ve played for about eight years, and I study music theory.”

Her biggest focus out of all her activities is swimming.

“We practice everyday at 6:30 in the morning, and competitions happen whenever we can get them in, so sometimes we leave school early. It’s all around Colorado,” she said.

She enjoys all of her activities, despite being constantly busy, and plans to continue the craziness into her sophomore year.

“I want to continue all of my music, and I like swimming and Color Guard,” she said.