Life in the off-season

Caden Schalk stays in shape for baseball season


Zack Frieder and Arianna Bergman

Wake up at 7 AM. Finish a few random math problems, read a chapter of a book for LA, drive to school, go to the gym during an off period, leave school and drive straight to practice, get home, eat dinner, and do another few hours of homework.
The life of a typical high school athlete during their sports season is grueling. The work seems to be never ending.
Dedication to athletics is vital to success, but makes it extremely difficult to keep up with school, maintain a social life, and have other hobbies and priorities.
However, during the off season, many athletes’ schedules open up.
Senior outfielder for the Monarch baseball team, Caden Schalk ‘22, stays involved in baseball while also branching out.
“While I’m not in season, I try to focus on myself and not dedicate everything that I do to baseball,” Schalk said. “For example, get a job, spend time with friends and family, and try to split up having time for myself and baseball.”
Working out and throwing with his dad are still woven into his schedule, but Schalk aims to make sure he has time for himself.
For many people, the off season is the time to grow as an athlete and a student. Everyone’s routine is different. Some people prioritize their home life and completely step away from the sport. Others continue to prioritize their sport and play year round. For some sports, practice during the winter isn’t even an option due to Colorado weather.
No matter what, the off season is valuable time for athletes to reset.