For The First Time

Football gets change in leadership


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Football coach, Aaron Paddock, gives a pep talk to the team. He has led the team to many victories so far.

When Fox Reichert ‘23 took to the practice field at the beginning of the football season, he saw freshmen and seniors joining forces to prepare to destroy the opposing team.
New head coach, Aaron Paddock—known affectionately as AP—made this possible.
“Coach AP just does a better job including everyone,” Reichert said. “With former head coach, Phil Bravo, I know a lot of the freshmen were just sent to the grass to practice by themselves.”
Reichert believes this change will have a huge impact on the team.
“I feel like we have unlimited potential,” he said.
Coach Paddock has always loved football. He grew up with it as a huge part of his life.
“My dad was a football player,” Paddock said. “He played in college for a little while, and as soon as I showed interest, he signed me up and I started playing.”
Reichert appreciates the team’s new coach and enjoys his new, fresh style.
“AP definitely brings a new mindset to the game,” he said. “He’s just playing to our strengths a little bit more.”
Reichert believes that, although Bravo was good, he played a game focused more on physical strength and running plays than technicality.
“Bravo was definitely more hard-nosed,” he said. “He ran a pretty old style of offense that is very run-play heavy.”
Paddock worked with Bravo for years. The two coached at Centaurus together, then both decided to go to a new school, Monarch, when it opened.
“I was only at CHS for three years when Monarch opened in the fall of 1998,” Paddock said.
When Bravo moved over to Monarch, Paddock followed. 25 years later, Paddock would take over football, as Bravo left to become an assistant coach at Frederick High School for the 2022-2023 school year.
Paddock values every player he has.
“We have 105 players, and every single one of those 105 players is an important piece of the code.”
With each play, Reichert, Paddock, and the other 104 players on the team become a closer family.
“He’s just bringing an overall better atmosphere to the team,” Reichert said.