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Norwegian sets records for XC


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Sofie Donker ‘25, runs a 5K at a cross country meet. After moving from Norway, she has improved drastically.

Crowds roar as Sofie Donker ‘25 strides across the finish line, becoming the 13th fastest girl to run a 5K in Monarch history.
After moving to the United States, Donker started running as a way to meet new friends and as a way to move her body.
“I wanted to do an after school activity to stay active and in-shape,” Donker said.
Donker had never run on a team before, and just 2 months after leaving her home in Norway, her run time was increasing at a shockingly fast rate.
“At first, I ran a 5k in 22 minutes, then it became 21, and then I broke 19 minutes,” Donker said.
Along with 8 of her teammates, Donker is on her way to compete at regionals. The goal is to qualify for the state championships
Her inspiration and father, Bob Donker, will be on the sidelines to cheer her on. He was once one of the greatest distance runners in Canada.
Donker has found a new love for the sport, and the community it brings.
“Running is what shapes who I am, and I definitely want to keep running through high school, and possibly even beyond that,” Donker said.